Welcome to Queens Park Primary

At Queens Park Primary School, we have a strong focus on preparing your child academically. ‘Strength Through Knowledge’ delivers the focus for providing a curriculum that will ensure your child is well prepared to fulfil their aspirations. It is more than a motto – it underpins every teaching and learning task undertaken at Queens Park Primary School.

Literacy and numeracy are of critical importance, and we have made teaching these a whole school focus.  All our staff have supported this approach and we are starting to see some fantastic student achievement.

Our curriculum also recognises that developing your child’s self-esteem, decision-making skills and ability to take responsibility is vital. We teach these through empowerment and positive reinforcement.

This is a school that believes children learn best when they feel safe to try so when they do make mistakes, we then help them to understand what can be learnt from the experience.

Most importantly we are quick to applaud their success.

Our philosophy is to nurture the ‘whole’ child and equip them for life.


Every child has a place

Our school has grown quickly over the last 5 years, at the moment we have 340 students of all nationalities.  We have a great school community that makes it a very friendly and family focused school. Every child has their place here, and we celebrate diversity.