Communicable diseases

If your child contracts a communicable disease, they may be excluded from school.

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Childhood immunisations

Children should be fully immunised before starting school. On enrolling your child, you must present your child’s Australian Immunisation Record. If your child is not immunised they will be asked to stay home if another child has contracted a disease. Length will vary on the infectious disease.

Health and guidance services

A community nurse and a school psychologist make regular visits to the school.

Under normal circumstances your child will receive a free health check during school entry (K/PP), unless some specific complaint is detected which requires continual follow-up. In all cases, parents are advised of any problems.

You are welcome to make appointments with either the community nurse or school psychologist to discuss any concerns.

Dental Therapy Centre

A free dental service operates at the school to provide continuous dental care for your child and to teach proper care of teeth and gums. The centre is supervised by the Health Department’s dental health service and is staffed by qualified dental therapists. Any treatment required (fillings or extractions) is carried out at the centre, and you will be notified when appointments for your child are made. Hours are 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

Entry is through the Cross Street gates - please call the clinic to be given a code to enter.

T: 08 9451 1015