Our School Vision

"To empower our students to be creative, positive and independent people, who strive for academic excellence and are committed to value our society and environment."

Our vision aims to make a difference for all children by providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment which fosters a lifelong love of learning.

Our Values

Resilience ~ Respect ~ Honesty ~ Independence

Our Code

We can – always use our best manners when talking to each other and adults.

We can – accept responsibility for the things that we do and the consequences that our actions may bring.

We can – always think of the feelings of others and treat them in a kind and positive manner.

We can – respect one another and our school at all times.

We can – always strive to do our best and take pride in our work.

We can – greet visitors politely and welcome them to our school.

Caring for Others

Our school is proud to be a part of the PATHS programs.  This program teach children acceptable strategies for dealing with emotions and difficult situations and also common acceptable values such as forgiveness, thankfulness, honesty, respect and confidence. Students are recognised for their demonstration of positive virtues and acceptable behaviour at school.