Queens Park P&C

The Queens Park Primary School Parents and Citizens' Association (P & C) consists of parents and community members that volunteer their time to enhance the environment, relationships and opportunities for families and students through:

- fundraising

- promoting the interests of the school

- promoting relationships between school staff, students, families and the wider community

- organisation of and participation in school events 

- provision of resources for school/fundraising events

- enhancing community interest in education


The P & C is an integral part of our school community, and all parents and community members are welcome to join and become a part of the team. Please fill out the membership form and hand it to the school admin team, or a P & C member. Attending a P & C meeting is a fantastic way to learn more about the P & C and have an input into the direction of the school - ideas and feedback are welcomed! 

Contributions in the form of time, donations and resources are invaluable to the P & C and are very much appreciated. If you would like more information about the P & C Association, please see the school administration team.