Behaviour Management

Our school community wants everyone to feel they are valued and respected and feel safe to teach and learn in a happy place. To encourage this, we support a behaviour management policy that rewards good, responsible behaviour. There are consequences for behaviour that affects another student or teacher’s rights to enjoy our school. This policy applies all the time your child is in school, whether in or out of the classroom.

A copy of the behaviour management policy is available from the office.


Our school rewards attendance for our students both as individuals and as classes.  Classes receive acknowledgment and a prize at our assemblies for having the highest attendance of students for the fortnight.  Individual students can work towards our end of term Reward Days.  Students must have 90% or above attendance to be eligible to attend our Reward Days.

No hat, no play policy

In the interests of your child’s health and well-being, our school has a “no hat, no play in the sun” policy which operates for the entire school year.